What you need to know about building a deck

deck buildingThere are a lot of homeowners who like the idea of having a new deck that will extend the living room into the outdoors, which is a great luxury to have if you are in a secluded area where there aren’t that many noises produced by the city – or maybe you want to enjoy the sites of the nearby city from the comforts of home.

But before you start putting the hammer to nails, consider some of these tips that can help you better prepare for building your home’s newest addition.

View different material options

There are multiple ways to build your deck, which includes using real wood, cedar that is pressure treated and even redwood. But you can also use other options that provide just as much longevity like ipe and jarrah. Look at what will work best for you in terms of cost and the weather it can expect to deal with.

Having multiple levels

If you need more room, you don’t necessarily have to build a larger platform. Instead, try constructing multiple levels where each one can host small groups within your party while also offering different settings where people can relax and get comfortable. It can also break up an unattractive staircase found on elevated decks.

Having beautiful railings around the deck

Having something innovative with your design can offer something to lean on or hold while walking up and down steps. There are various materials that can be used for railings – vinyl, metal, wood and even composites.

Try various shapes

While the old classic song used to say “It’s hip to be square,” you might find more space with a round deck rather than just having the traditional rectangle shape. Utilize various angles and curves to create something different that will catch the eyes of your guests.

Experiment with color

This is a good way to try out different combinations within a color scheme that can match the rest of your home’s exterior. Or you could choose colors that mesh with your garden and flowerbeds to create a more tranquil setting.

What you need to know about building a deck

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