Top tips for hiring the right contractor

remodeling contractorThere are plenty of ways to do construction projects yourself to save a few bucks, but sometimes the DIY process can only get you so far – especially if you aren’t experienced with building your own home. That’s why it might be a good idea to hire a professional contractor to do the job for you.

Finding the right commercial painters, or other contractors can be quite a challenge and finding someone who is substandard could lead to various consequences – delays in the project, work that isn’t up to par and even legal problems if the work leads to something like an electrical fire. The following are some tips in finding someone who is professional and reliable.

Trust your gut – Since this contractor will be in your home and around the family, you have to like the person and get a positive vibe from him or her.

License and insured – You don’t want to hire someone who doesn’t have the proper paperwork and doesn’t have protection when things go wrong. Don’t be liable for irresponsibility.

The right specialty – If you project revolves around lighting, hire someone who is recognized for that field of construction.

Draft a contract – Make sure you have gone over complete terms of the agreement for the job before any work begins.

Know the crew – If the contractor has a staff, make sure you get to know his crew like you did with the leader.

Provide contractor with guidelines – Make sure the contractor understand things like what hours are acceptable to work so it doesn’t impact your family life, or sleep schedule.

Know your responsibilities – Know what has to be done prior to a job being done, like moving the furniture out of a room that’s about to be painted.

Learn about “Mechanic’s Lien” laws – There are some states that states if anyone working on the project, or even supplies materials, isn’t paid, a lien is placed on your home.

View any work samples – Proof of the contractor’s craftsmanship and how experienced they are in the field.

Hire locally – It’s good for the local economy to hire someone in the area.

Top tips for hiring the right contractor