Five money-saving steps for DIY kitchen renovation

kitchen renovationThe kitchen is one of the most popular parts of a home to improve and a big focal point of many home remodeling television shows. But maybe your funds won’t allow you to make a five-star kitchen while you are battling with immigration trying to protect your immigration rights, for example,

Have a complete design plan before starting

You should be prepared for everything from the location of your appliances to how you want your cabinet doors to swing open. A great way to save money is use the existing walls and current configuration during the initial tear-down so you don’t need to have new electric and plumbing systems built – no tearing down any walls, which can be costly.

Ordering cabinets, appliances and fixtures

These are the biggest investments that you will have to make on this project and they can be ordered any time after the plans are completed. If you can’t afford new appliances like the ones from Harms Kitchen Design & Renovations, use the older ones to replace later as the budget allows. Lighting fixtures can also be purchased later if the old ones are fine at the moment. With cabinets, have it match the older flooring for additional cost savings.

Electrical and plumbing work

This requires having to move all of the appliances out of the kitchen and gutting the entire kitchen where you will have to remove the older cabinets and appliances so the walls can be opened up for the newer electrical circuits. If you can move the appliances near the laundry room, you will be able to remain cooking during the remodel.

Installing cabinets, counters and others

If you can’t afford the high-end countertop and backsplash, you can always go with a temporary top like painted plywood or even just some cheap piece of laminate. There’s always a chance to upgrade to something more solid like marble, granite or tile.

Upgrade when possible

Whenever you get the chance, you can replace the laminate floor with a tile or hardwood option once you have the financial abilities. There’s no reason you have to rush to buy that new refrigerator if the funds aren’t necessary there.

Five money-saving steps for DIY kitchen renovation