Tips on how to design an outdoor kitchen

out door kitchen renovationThere are plenty of people who love to use the summertime for outdoor meals and there are a lot of outdoor chefs who love hosting cookouts for the family and friends. Why not spice it up with an outdoor kitchen that can make you stand out from the rest of the neighborhood?

Here are some tips when planning how you will add an outdoor kitchen to your home:

Start from scratch

When you are designing your new outdoor kitchen, maybe you can build it from the ground up to allow for a fresh floor layout and foundation. When doing this, you also want to consider the types of weather your kitchen will face and have it prepared for whatever Mother Nature might throw at it – even consider getting the right contractor to handle your Roofing Winnipeg.

Location is important

You want to make sure wherever you place this outdoor kitchen, you won’t let the smoke drift into the house. That means you should study the regular wind patterns and position where you will place the grill in an appropriate location. Also keep in mind that you will have to carry the supplies from inside to out and back in later – so make sure you aren’t having to walk a long distance.

Kitchen size must match the appliances

You don’t want the appliances to overshadow the counters and other parts of the cooking space. When designing the layout, you’ll want to spread out the appliances enough to have the preparation space needed for what you like to cook and be able to place the platters and other cooking tools on either side of the grill.

Have the proper storage space

You will want to have places to put a lot of your cooking utensils and tools so that they are available when needed without feeling like you have to make multiple trips back inside if you didn’t grab it right away. This is equally important in your home.

Add some ambiance

This is where you could add a nice dining area that has some comfortable seats where you can enjoy a great outdoor meal. Maybe you can add some lighted torches or candles to fill the area with some subtle light for some evening meals that will help make the outdoor dining area feel just like the rest of your home.